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I’ve been fortunate to spend the past 12 years working in the fashion industry. From designing for high end independent brands, managing production and the technical aspects of developing commercial street wear to working in quality control for the luxury high street.

After having children I realized that I was in an exciting position to combine the best of all these experiences and so I began to create high quality, hard wearing and stylish street wear for children, a job I do with passion which also enables me to put my sustainable beliefs into practice.

I have a love of details and firmly believe in focusing on a few things such as perfect fabric choices, lovely metal hardware, and fit, and doing them well. My aim is to create carefully considered garments that can be purchased for one child, worn by future siblings, then proudly passed on to cousins and friends.

I hope you and your little movers love Over All 1516 garments as much as I love creating them.

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