All Over It - The Botanist

I’ve curated a bunch of products that I think are pretty special, and that I know each of my characters would love to be in the company of.

If they went shopping, this is what I’d like to think they’d buy for themselves.  Some of these products are handmade by small-scale businesses like myself, and others are much bigger & operate ethically.

I'm starting with The Botanist, because in the lead up to Mothers Day in the UK I bought myself some of these products after lusting over them for years. However, these curated bundles of goodness I've collected should not be limited to days in the calendar that we’re told need to be celebrated. It’s wonderful to give something for a special occasion, however its equally wonderful when you give a gift “just because” whether it's to give you, or someone else, a boost.

  • Ellie Mac is the creator of the most beautiful freehand machine embroidery and I absolutely adore her passion flower patch in particular (aka the best flower to ever exist, hence my rather large passion flower tattoo). Her stuff sells out, so be quick next time she announces a new release of work, or don't, to give me a chance!
  • Neighbourhood Botanicals' Micaela produces the most dreamy face oils. They're all created with non-irritant and non-comedogenic ingredients and they're also all plant-based...and did I mention they smell amazing. I honestly cant get enough of The Daily Glow in particular, I'm not the best at remembering to properly wash my face each morning (I know, I know!), but having this to use this after has gotten me into a much better skincare routine. 

3. LDV Store have just released a set of lovely alphabet cards complete with watercolor illustrations of plants that correspond with their respective letter of the alphabet. I'm so excited to see this brand develop and branch out into homewares, jewellery and clothing in the not-too-distant future!

4. Veja - This brand is amazing, they produce environmentally friendly sneakers, made with raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture, without chemicals or polluting processes. Such an inspirational business, plus, they are just SO stylish.

X v-12-dazzle-white.jpg

5. Small & Wild tea make herbal tea for kids, although I have to keep reminding myself of this when I make it for the boys because it smells so good, I always take too many sips "checking" that its not too hot. It's 100% natural, ethically sourced, naturally caffeine free and blended in the UK. I really enjoy this as an alternative drink to water or milk. Particularly as its been cold and they've been under the weather, its nice to be able to give them a warm, tasty, non dairy drink.

6. T-Lab animals hand carved from sustainable, fast growing Albizia wood in Indonesia and their hand painted styling is minimal, yet very sweet. I'm planning on collecting a few more of these as the boys grow up, and as an added bonus they're surprisingly light, so it probably wont be to painful when they inevitably get thrown at the head of an unsuspecting sibling. I bought these from My Corner Pantry, my all time fave online shop for things for my boys

Eirlie Chisholm