All Over It - The Engineer

I’ve curated a bunch of products that I think are pretty special, and that I know each of my characters would love to be in the company of.

If they went shopping, this is what I’d like to think they’d buy for themselves.  Some of these products are handmade by small-scale businesses like myself, and others are much bigger & operate ethically.

Next up in this series I'd like to talk about The Engineer, for the simple fact that I have been consuming a tonne of coffee lately, and I associate Engineers with coffee....don't know why, I just do.

  • Soapsmith is an East London born and bred brand who use artisan techniques to combine the most divine scents and produce soaps, bath and skin treats. I met Samantha at her shop recently in Walthamstow's Central Parade & her enthusiasm and passion for her products is contagious. One of my boys has had huge issues getting into the bath for months now. I popped one of her bath bombs into the bath that night, and the fizzing plus the water changing colour was enough to distract him and miraculously we haven't had bath issues since! Soapsmith have teamed up with another east London fave, Perky Blenders, to make a coffee body scrub, which is an absolute treat to use.
X Coffee_Scrub_high_res_image_d4c804cc-ceb1-47de-9a34-5d99197230cc_grande.jpg
  • A KeepCup in glass and cork is something I've been lusting over for a while. I'm trying to make more of a conscious effort to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste our family creates, and getting a KeepCup is such a sensible solution, I only wish I'd done so years ago when my coffee consumption was much higher.
X glass_cork_keep_cup.jpg
  • I've come across Telling Tales at a few markets over the years and I always walk away with a handful of lovely children's books that I never knew I needed but now could never do without. Daisy's selection is always beautifully illustrated and often a bit quirky, I really struggle to be restrained, however you can never buy children too many books, so its OK!
X professor-astro-cats-atomic-adventure-jacket_740x.jpg
  • Everything that Present & Correct stocks is Just. So. Satisfying, the utilitarian styling is right up The Engineer's street and its also one of their most favourite Instagram accounts to follow. When I'm a wealthy businesswoman, my studio will be fully stocked with everything from paperclips and scissors to notebooks, from Present and correct.
  • I bought the boys a 2nd hand Grimms rainbow because 1. I was a bit worried that looking at screens and playing with noisy toys was making them lazy and I wanted to encourage them to use their imaginations, and 2. Because I loved the look and wanted to play with it too. They seem so simple, but the three of us have had so much fun sitting on the floor and messing about with these arcs of wood, it makes me so happy to see them exploring, stacking, balancing and sorting them. 
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Eirlie Chisholm