All Over It - The Mechanic

I’ve curated a bunch of products that I think are pretty special, and that I know each of my characters would love to be in the company of.

If they went shopping, this is what I’d like to think they’d buy for themselves.  Some of these products are handmade by small-scale businesses like myself, and others are much bigger & operate ethically with a focus on quality over quantity.

The Mechanic represents a bit of an all rounder, someone who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty, enjoys questioning things and has a strong desire to understand the world around them.


Little Wise Toys is a business run by the lovely Michelle. She produces brilliant educational toys and educational aids with strong environmental credentials that teach maths, phonics, emotions and animals to 3-6 year olds. All paper and card materials she uses are either recycled or from sustainable sources, the magnetic material for the boards are from a supplier that operates a zero-landfill policy and she has even sourced environmentally friendly packing tape!

In the last six months, my youngest has swiped literally every ceramic bowl I own off the kitchen table and broken them all. So I have decided to replace our ceramic crockery with their enamel counterparts. Labour and Wait have such a divine collection of household goods and clothing; practical, simple, made with quality materials and precision from craftspeople around the world, including a great assortment of enamelware.

If I lived in North London I would probably be taking my boys to Tomato Tutors every day. Laura has created a stunning space where she offers workshops, tutoring and classes in everything from forest school to coding, internet safety for parents to childrens meditation and yoga, to A-levels tutoring and creative writing for pre-teens. It's clear that she is utterly passionate about providing education that's accessible to all, in a nurturing and relaxed way.

Every time I visit the ToyDrop website I get drawn in for far too long, attracted by the beautiful collection of unique and stunning toys. They choose pieces made to transcend age, gender and trends, and hope to encourage conscious consumption from the very start. Their ethical policy is strong, all the wooden toys they stock are made from timber that comes from sustainably managed forests, every decision they make from packaging to electricity is made with the enviroment in mind, its such an admirable way to operate.

Eirlie Chisholm